Tuesday, October 11, 2016

4 Ways to Protect Your Commercial Property at Night

Business owners and managers will often stay up at night worrying about their commercial property. Specific light placement and maintenance can actually help to protect your commercial building after dark. Advanced Lighting Service has provided a few options to help deter criminals from breaking into your commercial space after hours. The best commercial electricians in Mid-MO want to help you better protect your business at night.

1. Exterior Lighting

A commercial property should have well illuminated entrances and windows. This can help steer a thief away from your building, for fear of being seen breaking into your commercial space. Adding light to the exterior of your business can keep your property from becoming a target. In addition to exterior lighting, you should also safely secure all exits with a deadbolt lock system, for a stronger hold.

2. Illuminate the Parking Lot

Add and maintain adequate lighting in the parking lot of your commercial space. Just like exterior lighting, an illuminated parking lot can keep criminals away from your space, fearing that they may be caught trying to break into your building. If you do have lights in your parking lot, ensure they are working properly and staying lit up all night is important.

3. Participate in the Night Watch Program

We offer a program in which we will come to your commercial space after hours, once a month. We will notify you if any of your lighting is not functioning properly, which can in turn help deter a criminal. After we perform our inspection, you will receive a report. Another benefit of our Night Watch program is prompt scheduled maintenance. It is important to maintain your lighting system to ensure all lamps will be illuminated, especially after dark. Advanced Lighting Service offers timely service and emergency repairs for businesses who are Night Watch participants.

4. Interior Light Placement

At night, strategic interior lighting is just as important as exterior lighting. Many times if lights are on inside, someone on the outsides does not know if someone is there or not. This can deter a break in attempt if they think someone may be present inside the commercial space. Try to keep a light or two on near a window or door, so it may seem that there is a person inside. We know it can be costly to leave all of your interior lights on all night, but leaving a few illuminated may help prevent a break in.

A break in can impact a commercial property in a number of negative ways. To help keep your business safe and deter a thief from breaking in, consider focusing on your lighting efforts. A well illuminated building has a less chance of being targeted from a criminal. The experienced electricians in Mid-MO are here to help better protect your commercial space. Give us a call today for a free consultation to find out how you can improve your business lighting system, for a safer environment at night.

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