Thursday, April 27, 2017

All About Our Commercial Incentives

Are you looking to save money for your business in mid-Missouri? We have partnered with Ameren Missouri to offer our commercial incentives program, allowing local business to do just that - save money! The best commercial lighting company in mid-MO is here to help explain our incentives, so you can start saving on your electric bill. From reducing your energy usage to  receiving a break on your bill, there is a TON of benefits for participating in the commercial incentive program with Advanced Lighting Service.

More About The Program:

This BizSavers program offers cash or electric bill credit incentives for small and large businesses in Missouri, for making energy efficient upgrades. Whether you can improve your lighting system, building control, ventilation system, cooling system, and many more, there is plenty of opportunity for your business to save! Almost any business can reduce their electric consumption and receive an incentive with Ameren Missouri. Overall, this program offers a great opportunity to save money and reduce your energy consumption!

Who Can Benefit:

We've helped a wide range of Missouri businesses reduce their electric consumption and receive their commercial incentive from Ameren!

-Convenience Store
-Food Service
-IT/Data Center
-Non-profit organization
-Office building
-Retail store

How To Apply:

We can come out to your commercial location and evaluate your energy situation, and make recommendations for upgrades. After you've completed these upgrades, you can turn them into Ameren. We've provided the application process below:

Standard Incentive-

1. Purchase and install energy efficient equipment
2. Submit application
3. Application review and approval
4. Incentive paid either by check or electric bill credit

Custom Incentive-

1. Complete application before purchase of equipment
2. Submit application
3. Application processed and project reviewed
4. Incentive offer delivered to customer
5. Incentive offer received from customer
6. Completion of the paperwork received
7. Final project review and approval
8. Incentive paid via check or electric bill credit

New Construction Incentive-

1. Submit program application
2. Design team meeting
3. Apply for custom incentives
4. Construction in progress
5. Submit construction completion paperwork
6. Engineer review and inspection
7. Incentive paid by either check or electric bill credit

Are you ready to start saving money on your electric bill? Give our commercial electricians in mid-MO a call to schedule your FREE energy efficient audit. We can come out to your business location and give you ideas on how to improve your energy consumption, as well as directions to apply for the credit from Ameren MO. When we help you save money, you are not only cutting back on your electric expense, but you are also reducing the amount of energy consumed - which is great for the environment! Give Advanced Lighting Service a call for more details about our commercial incentives program!

Jefferson City : 573-761-4776
Columbia : 573-777-4840
Lake of the Ozarks : 573-746-7997
Sedalia : 660-596-7007

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Commercial Electric FAQ

Since Advanced Lighting Service visits a number of business locations around mid-Missouri to assist with electrical repairs and maintenance, we get asked some questions on a regular basis. Whether you're curious about some of our services or whats best for your commercial space, we'd love to help answer any of your questions! As your trusted commercial electricians in mid-MO, we pride ourselves on offering a complete electrical and lighting experience. From prompt service to our knowledgeable technicians, we stand apart from the competition! For some frequently asked questions we receive, check out our answer below - it may answer your burning question!

QUESTION #1: What does lighting maintenance include?

Answer: Our comprehensive service and maintenance covers all of your lighting needs. Our technicians will come out, in fully stocked trucks, ready to complete your electrical job! We can offer ways to improve your current lighting system, as well as provide tips to save on your commercial electric bill. We will regularly check out your electrical system, to ensure all is properly working.

QUESTION #2: What is a bucket truck?

Answer: A mobile, aerial work platform is attached to a truck, making a bucket truck. Our technicians use this type of vehicle to get up in the air to work on exterior lighting, business signs, and parking lot lights.

QUESTION #3: Is LED lighting better for my business? 

Answer: Each company has a unique situation, but overall LED light bulbs help to reduce the amount of energy consumed AND last way longer than traditional bulbs. We can help you evaluate your building and make LED upgrade recommendations, as well as give you and estimate for LED conversion.

QUESTION #4: What type of businesses do you service?

Answer: We help ALL types of business in mid-Missouri with their electrical and lighting needs. From a small mom & pop to large business locations, we work with them all!

QUESTION #5: How can I save on my commercial electric bill?

Answer: We have partnered with Ameren Missouri to offer commercial incentives. We come out for a FREE evaluation of your business and make recommendations for energy efficient upgrades. After you  have made these changes, you can apply for the rebates, through Ameren. You can receive a check or a discount on your monthly electric bill, for making your business more energy efficient.

Now that you've read our frequently asked questions and answers, you are ready to dive into your commercial electrical service! Give us a call at one of our locations nearest you, & we'll send out a team of professional, friendly, and experienced technicians to take a look at your business. Whether you're after a lighting repair or want to install a new electrical system, contact the best electrical company in mid-Missouri!

Jefferson City : 573-761-4776
Columbia : 573-777-4840
Lake of the Ozarks : 573-746-7997
Sedalia : 660-596-7007

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

High Bay vs. Low Bay Lights

No matter what type of business you own, it's important to have the correct lights installed to illuminate your space. After all, lighting is a vital aspect of your business. From helping employees see their work space to allowing customers an easy space to navigate when shopping, your lights are very important! Many people wonder what is the difference between high bay and low bay lights. Your trusted commercial electricians in mid-Missouri are here to help point out the differences, and recommend which one is best for your business. To learn more, take a look at the information in today's blog!

High Bay Lights

Usually used on ceilings with heights over 20 foot tall, a high bay light can help to illuminate a larger space, from higher up. Many times a high bay light fixture will have a reflective backing, to allow light to bounce out into the room, therefore providing a well-lit environment. For a larger and taller building, high bay lights are the right choice for your business! If you are interested in high bay lights for your commercial building, call Advanced Lighting Service today!

Low Bay Lights

Typically used to illuminate a space with ceilings under 20 feet in height, low bay lighting is used to light up spaces with a low ceiling. A diffuser is usually located on the bottom of a low bay light fixture, allowing the light to spread out, throughout the room. To ensure your commercial building is properly lit, consider a low bay light for your space. If low bay lights are the right fit for your business, give Advanced Lighting Service a call today for an evaluation of your lighting system!

No matter what height your commercial ceilings are, you now know which type of light is best for your space. Whether you need help installing a light or repairing a faulty bulb, your trusted electricians in mid-Missouri are here for you! Simply give us a call and we can come evaluate your building and make recommendations for your lighting system.

Now that you have a better understanding of which type of light is best for your commercial space, you are prepared to make an educated decision about your lighting. If you want assistance with installing, replacing, or repairing your commercial lighting system, give the best electricians in mid-MO a call! Advanced Lighting Service is here for all of your needs for commercial lighting in mid-Missouri. Contact us at our location nearest you, for prompt and friendly service for your commercial building!

Jefferson City : 573-761-4776
Columbia : 573-777-4840
Lake of the Ozarks : 573-746-7997
Sedalia : 660-596-7007

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

10 Fun Facts About Lights

While lighting and electricity is a very serious topic, there is no reason we can't make it fun! It's important to take the proper safety precautions when dealing with electricity, but there are plenty of fun facts about this power source! The best electrical company in mid-Missouri is here to point out some of these interesting facts about lights. Check out some of the fun facts below!

1) The world's longest-lasting light bulb has been burning since 1904, known as the Centennial Light in California.

2) LED traffic lights didn't last long. The low level of heat emitted from the bulb did not melt snow or ice, making the traffic control lights hard to see.

3) East and West Germany use different types of light bulbs, making it easy to distinguish from up above.

4) The amount of time for light to travel one cm in a vacuum, is known as a jiffy.

5) 68% of employees complain about the lighting in their office.

6) LED lighting can help your employees be more productive.

7) Lighting brightness can have a direct impact on the mood of workers, in a business setting.

8) 7% of the total United States electricity consumption is used for lighting.

9) The use of LED light bulbs could save about 348 TWh, by 2027.

10) Incandescent light bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat, whereas LED bulbs emit very little heat.

Although this blog has been all fun and games, when you have a commercial electrical issue in mid-Missouri, give our team a call. We can send out our certified technicians to take a look at your commercial space and make the recommended repairs for a safe place for you, your employees, and your customers. Advanced Lighting Service is all about prompt repairs! We want to get your business up and running, safely and quickly.

If you experience an electrical mishap or notice a light bulb that needs repaired, be sure to call us to get your lighting system checked over. We know how important it is for your business to be running at 100%, at all times. We work hard to limit the amount of down-time you may experience with an outage. We look forward to helping the lights at your business shine bright! To give off the best impression of your business, contact our commercial electricians in mid-Missouri today!

Jefferson City : 573-761-4776
Columbia : 573-777-4840
Lake of the Ozarks : 573-746-7997
Sedalia : 660-596-7007

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