Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Commercial Electric FAQ

Since Advanced Lighting Service visits a number of business locations around mid-Missouri to assist with electrical repairs and maintenance, we get asked some questions on a regular basis. Whether you're curious about some of our services or whats best for your commercial space, we'd love to help answer any of your questions! As your trusted commercial electricians in mid-MO, we pride ourselves on offering a complete electrical and lighting experience. From prompt service to our knowledgeable technicians, we stand apart from the competition! For some frequently asked questions we receive, check out our answer below - it may answer your burning question!

QUESTION #1: What does lighting maintenance include?

Answer: Our comprehensive service and maintenance covers all of your lighting needs. Our technicians will come out, in fully stocked trucks, ready to complete your electrical job! We can offer ways to improve your current lighting system, as well as provide tips to save on your commercial electric bill. We will regularly check out your electrical system, to ensure all is properly working.

QUESTION #2: What is a bucket truck?

Answer: A mobile, aerial work platform is attached to a truck, making a bucket truck. Our technicians use this type of vehicle to get up in the air to work on exterior lighting, business signs, and parking lot lights.

QUESTION #3: Is LED lighting better for my business? 

Answer: Each company has a unique situation, but overall LED light bulbs help to reduce the amount of energy consumed AND last way longer than traditional bulbs. We can help you evaluate your building and make LED upgrade recommendations, as well as give you and estimate for LED conversion.

QUESTION #4: What type of businesses do you service?

Answer: We help ALL types of business in mid-Missouri with their electrical and lighting needs. From a small mom & pop to large business locations, we work with them all!

QUESTION #5: How can I save on my commercial electric bill?

Answer: We have partnered with Ameren Missouri to offer commercial incentives. We come out for a FREE evaluation of your business and make recommendations for energy efficient upgrades. After you  have made these changes, you can apply for the rebates, through Ameren. You can receive a check or a discount on your monthly electric bill, for making your business more energy efficient.

Now that you've read our frequently asked questions and answers, you are ready to dive into your commercial electrical service! Give us a call at one of our locations nearest you, & we'll send out a team of professional, friendly, and experienced technicians to take a look at your business. Whether you're after a lighting repair or want to install a new electrical system, contact the best electrical company in mid-Missouri!

Jefferson City : 573-761-4776
Columbia : 573-777-4840
Lake of the Ozarks : 573-746-7997
Sedalia : 660-596-7007

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