Thursday, April 6, 2017

10 Fun Facts About Lights

While lighting and electricity is a very serious topic, there is no reason we can't make it fun! It's important to take the proper safety precautions when dealing with electricity, but there are plenty of fun facts about this power source! The best electrical company in mid-Missouri is here to point out some of these interesting facts about lights. Check out some of the fun facts below!

1) The world's longest-lasting light bulb has been burning since 1904, known as the Centennial Light in California.

2) LED traffic lights didn't last long. The low level of heat emitted from the bulb did not melt snow or ice, making the traffic control lights hard to see.

3) East and West Germany use different types of light bulbs, making it easy to distinguish from up above.

4) The amount of time for light to travel one cm in a vacuum, is known as a jiffy.

5) 68% of employees complain about the lighting in their office.

6) LED lighting can help your employees be more productive.

7) Lighting brightness can have a direct impact on the mood of workers, in a business setting.

8) 7% of the total United States electricity consumption is used for lighting.

9) The use of LED light bulbs could save about 348 TWh, by 2027.

10) Incandescent light bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat, whereas LED bulbs emit very little heat.

Although this blog has been all fun and games, when you have a commercial electrical issue in mid-Missouri, give our team a call. We can send out our certified technicians to take a look at your commercial space and make the recommended repairs for a safe place for you, your employees, and your customers. Advanced Lighting Service is all about prompt repairs! We want to get your business up and running, safely and quickly.

If you experience an electrical mishap or notice a light bulb that needs repaired, be sure to call us to get your lighting system checked over. We know how important it is for your business to be running at 100%, at all times. We work hard to limit the amount of down-time you may experience with an outage. We look forward to helping the lights at your business shine bright! To give off the best impression of your business, contact our commercial electricians in mid-Missouri today!

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