Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Cleaning Around Your Business

This is a great time of year to give your business a fresh new look. For a nice appearance to represent your business in a positive way, try to do some spring cleaning around your commercial space. Your trusted commercial electrical company in mid-Missouri knows how important it is to showcase your business to attract customers. Provided below, by Advanced Lighting Service, are some helpful tips to accomplish your commercial spring cleaning tasks.

Reduce Clutter

Both the interior and exterior of your commercial space can be cleaned up this spring. From sweeping off sidewalks to ensuring your entry way is spic and span, it is important to pick up your business to give a good impression, as customers walk in. On the inside of your commercial space, try to keep clutter at bay and get your employees on board too! It is much easier to keep your commercial building clean if everyone picks up their personal space.

Freshen Your Paint

To give a great first impression to potential customers, touch up your commercial building's paint. This can give a fresh start for both employees and customers, as they walk into your space. A fresh coat of paint can give your space a new look and feel to start the spring off right!
BONUS: New paint also helps increase the cleanliness factor in your space.

Clean, Clean, Clean,

It is important to scrub any surface that customers may come in contact with. From a deep clean in the restroom facility to a professional mop job to clean up all that muck from the winter months, try to deep clean your space this spring. You want to give the impression that you CARE about your business, and ensuring your space is clean is a great way to achieve that!

Inspect Lighting System

While you are walking around your property, look up. It's important to ensure your lights are working properly, as you do your spring maintenance around your business. If you notice a light bulb has burned out or is not functioning like it should, give Advanced Lighting Service a call to perform maintenance on your lighting system. Make sure your lights work properly, to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Clean Your Business Sign

After the winter months & spring storms, it's important to remove any debris from your business sign. A dirty sign can give off the impression that you do not maintain your commercial property. To shine the best light on your business, ensure your sign is clean and any repairs are made promptly.

Now that you know these easy ways to improve the appearance of your business this spring, you are ready to get started on your list! If you need help with any of your spring lighting maintenance in mid-Missouri, give us a call. Advanced Lighting Service also has bucket trucks that can be used to clean and repair your business signs in mid-Missouri. Give us a call at 573-761-4776 to schedule your commercial spring cleaning today!

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