Thursday, March 16, 2017

Test your LUCK with our St. Pat's Trivia

How much do you know about St. Patrick's Day? Since St. Pat's is Friday, March 17th, we thought it may be fun to do some trivia, about this widely celebrated holiday. Your trusted commercial electrical company in mid-Missouri is here to test your knowledge below! GOOD LUCK!

Question #1:

Where was Saint Patrick Born?

A) United States
B) Great Britain
C) Ireland

Question #2

Which city in the United States dyes their river green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

A) Chicago
B) New York
C) St. Louis

Question #3

What did the Shamrock symbolize, to Saint Patrick?

A) Good luck
B) Holy Trinity
C) Family

Question #4

What is the most popular female leprechaun's name?

A) Finn
B) Colleen
C) There are no female leprechauns.

Question #5

What does the St. Patrick's Day phrase "Erin go Bragh" mean?

A) Let's celebrate
B) Go to the pub
C) Ireland forever

Question #6

What was Saint Patrick's favorite color?

A) Blue
B) Red
C) Green

Question #7

What United States city hosts one of the world's largest parades for St. Patrick's Day?

A) Chicago
B) Los Angles
C) New York

BONUS Question:

True or False - Did St. Patrick's Day used to be a dry holiday?


Question #1 - B) Great Britain
Question #2 - A) Chicago
Question #3 - B) Holy Trinity
Question #4 - C) There are no female leprechauns - TRICK QUESTION!
Question #5 - C) Ireland forever
Question #6 - A) Blue
Question #7 - C) New York
BONUS: True - for most of the 20th century, St. Paddy's was strictly a religious holiday in Ireland, which caused the pubs to be closed for business.

How did you do on our St. Patrick's Day trivia? Whether you blew it out of the water or missed a few, you are now ready to share your new-found knowledge with others! Along with some of these fun facts, we'd love it if you would keep us in mind for any of your needs for commercial electrical service in central Missouri. If you want for us to come check out your commercial space, contact Advanced Lighting Service at a location nearest you!

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