Thursday, April 13, 2017

High Bay vs. Low Bay Lights

No matter what type of business you own, it's important to have the correct lights installed to illuminate your space. After all, lighting is a vital aspect of your business. From helping employees see their work space to allowing customers an easy space to navigate when shopping, your lights are very important! Many people wonder what is the difference between high bay and low bay lights. Your trusted commercial electricians in mid-Missouri are here to help point out the differences, and recommend which one is best for your business. To learn more, take a look at the information in today's blog!

High Bay Lights

Usually used on ceilings with heights over 20 foot tall, a high bay light can help to illuminate a larger space, from higher up. Many times a high bay light fixture will have a reflective backing, to allow light to bounce out into the room, therefore providing a well-lit environment. For a larger and taller building, high bay lights are the right choice for your business! If you are interested in high bay lights for your commercial building, call Advanced Lighting Service today!

Low Bay Lights

Typically used to illuminate a space with ceilings under 20 feet in height, low bay lighting is used to light up spaces with a low ceiling. A diffuser is usually located on the bottom of a low bay light fixture, allowing the light to spread out, throughout the room. To ensure your commercial building is properly lit, consider a low bay light for your space. If low bay lights are the right fit for your business, give Advanced Lighting Service a call today for an evaluation of your lighting system!

No matter what height your commercial ceilings are, you now know which type of light is best for your space. Whether you need help installing a light or repairing a faulty bulb, your trusted electricians in mid-Missouri are here for you! Simply give us a call and we can come evaluate your building and make recommendations for your lighting system.

Now that you have a better understanding of which type of light is best for your commercial space, you are prepared to make an educated decision about your lighting. If you want assistance with installing, replacing, or repairing your commercial lighting system, give the best electricians in mid-MO a call! Advanced Lighting Service is here for all of your needs for commercial lighting in mid-Missouri. Contact us at our location nearest you, for prompt and friendly service for your commercial building!

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