Friday, January 6, 2017

Lighting Maintenance Tips for your Business in 2017

What are your business goals for the new year? If focusing on the proper maintenance of your lighting system is on your list, this blog may be for you! Your trusted commercial electricians in mid-Missouri are here to help ensure your lights are properly maintained for the year 2017. For commercial maintenance tips for your lights, provided by Advanced Lighting Service, see the information below!

Clean Fixtures

To represent your business well, it is recommended to clean your lighting fixtures on a regular basis. This helps your entire building seem clean and tidy. Over time, dust and bugs can get into your commercial lighting system, which leaves behind debris. This is both visually and functionally unappealing, this debris can hinder your lighting system.

Check Exterior Lights

It is important to ensure your exterior lights are properly light, especially after hours. Exterior lights help keep your business and those who are on your property after dark, safe. A well-light exterior can be a great deterrent from a potential break-in. After your business has closed, be sure to drive around your commercial property to make sure your exterior lights are in proper working order.

Replace Dimming Lights

If you notice dimming lights inside or outside your business, replace the bulbs immediately. A dimming light is a sure sign that the bulb is getting ready to burn out, and typically means that more energy is being pulled to illuminate the dimming bulb. To ensure your commercial space is well-lit, inside and out, replace lights on a regular basis.

Call Advanced Lighting Service!

For all of your commercial lighting maintenance and service needs, Advanced Lighting Service is here your business! We perform regular maintenance checks in which we clean light fixtures, as well as replace bulbs on a regular basis – to ensure your lights do not burn out. We also offer a program called Night Watch in which we come around your commercial building, after dark, to ensure all bulbs are properly working. If there is an issue, our professional technicians will promptly and accurately correct a lighting problem. Leave your electrical worries to the professional commercial electricians in mid-Missouri.

Now that you know how to keep up with your lighting system and who to call for a repair, you are ready to enter the new year with confidence for your business. The professionals at Advanced Lighting Service are here for you! For any lighting maintenance needs, contact the best commercial electricians in Missouri! Give us a call at (573) 746-7997 for all of your commercial lighting service and maintenance needs in 2017!

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