Friday, May 19, 2017

Top Trends in Commercial Lighting

As with all industries, commercial lighting transitions to new themes and popular features over time. If you're looking to keep up with trends in the commercial lighting industry, our team at Advanced Lighting Service can help. We offer insight to features that are gaining popularity and offer positive impacts for the business. The best commercial electricians in mid-MO have provided some of the top trends, for commercial lighting.

Energy Efficient Fluorescent Tubes

While a number of businesses have light sources that require a tube light, you can still use energy efficient tubes to illuminate your space. This can help greatly reduce the amount of energy required to light your commercial building. Reducing electricity costs can have a positive impact on your business' bottom line.

Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

Parking lot lights are important and should be a priority for your business. While these lights that stay on all night are vital to safety, it can also pull electricity and add to your business lighting bill. Adding solar panels to your parking lot lights can help utilize the sun’s power that shines during the days to illuminate your property exterior at night.

Incorporate Wifi Gadgets

With a number of new gadgets that are wireless, you may want to incorporate these features into your business. While a wifi device seems simple, there is some back end electrical work that is required. If you want to add some of these cool new devices to your business, our team can help get the electrical side of things set up and ready for you!

Smart Glass

A great way to reduce the energy consumption in your business is to add smart glass windows and doors. This glass helps to block out solar heat, while allowing sunlight to enter your business. Adding this type of window to your commercial space can help to reduce the amount of air conditioning required to counteract the heat that enters through the windows.

Lighting For Productivity

A number of lighting options provide the ideal environment for your employees to work. Having the right lights can positively improve the productivity of your workers. Employee morale, health, and productivity can all be impacted with the various light options.

Are you ready to upgrade your business to match the new trends in commercial lighting. Advanced Lighting Service is here for all of your upgrade needs. We can help install new fixtures and lighting systems for your business in mid-MO. We want you to have exactly the lighting trends you're business could benefit from. Give us a call today to schedule your commercial lighting upgrade!

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