Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What Our Night Watch Program Entails

As we covered in last week's blog, Perks of Proper Parking Lot Lighting, there are a number of benefits that go along with proper exterior lighting for your business' parking lot. If you own or manage a mid-Missouri business, there are a number of factors in which you may find yourself worrying. Our commercial electricians in mid-MO can help ease your worry with our night watch program. To learn more about how Advanced Lighting Service can help monitor your property after dark, take a look below.

All About Our Night Watch Program:

Our night watch program is designed to provide added protection to your business' parking lot. We come by your lot once a month to ensure all aspects of your exterior lighting system are properly working. These monthly inspections occur during the evening and night hours. This helps us make sure all of your parking lot lights are functioning as they should.

Monthly Report:

After each monthly inspection is completed, we will provide you with a report so you know what is happening around your commercial space. This added benefit helps to keep you in the loop and advises if any bulbs need to be replaced. We can also help by making suggestions to improve the lighting situation around your business. Our goal is to help you keep your parking lot lights properly illuminated and a safe place for all.

Prompt Maintenance:

While we are visiting your location on a regular basis, we can keep up with any routine maintenance needs that may arise. Your exterior lights are something that can easily go unnoticed, especially if no employees are present during the night time hours. This is the ideal opportunity for our lighting technicians to make repairs and/or change out bulbs to ensure your space is lit well. While we are at your business location, we can also make any signage repairs that are needed. If your sign is experiencing electrical issues, this is a great opportunity for us to make a repair, with no customers around.

Quick Emergency Repairs:

Included in our night watch program is the benefit of prompt service and emergency repairs. If you do have an issue with your exterior lighting, a timely repair is important. We can help make a quick repair so your business is properly lit again. We strive to provide a safe parking lot for all of your employees and customers!

Now that you've seen more information about how we can help protect your business after hours, you're ready to sign up today. Contact the best commercial electricians near Jefferson City, MO to get signed up with our night watch program. Give us a call at 573-761-4776 to register for our unique security checks. We look forward to helping protect your commercial space in mid-MO.

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