Friday, July 22, 2016

Advanced Lighting Service

At Advanced Lighting Service, we offer comprehensive lighting service and maintenance. We can help your business by improving customer and employee experience with a better lighting system. From service work to new installations, we can provide all of your Missouri commercial lighting and electrical needs. Below we have featured some of the services we offer, as well as a little info on how our services can improve your business.

Lighting Maintenance

If a business has a light out or an issue with their lighting system, it can be detrimental to that business. Our technicians are prompt and knowledgeable when it comes to helping customers with their lighting problems.

Parking Lot Lighting

Having a well light parking lot is important for the safety of both your customers and employees. We want to help install lighting in business parking lots to make them a safer place.

Energy Saving Consultation

Advanced Lighting Service offers a free energy evaluation. We want to help businesses be more energy efficient. Cutting back on electrical bills and betterment of the environment are a few ways an energy savings consultation can benefit businesses.

Group Relamping

As a very important part of lighting maintenance, group replamping helps to ensure your lights are in proper working order. Having a schedule for replacing your lighting can help prevent light burn out as well. In addition, replacing a group of lamps after hours helps eliminate distractions for customers during business hours.

Emergency/ Exit Lighting

Providing emergency lighting is imperative for safety. If the lights were to go out, the exit lights will be the only source to help customers and employees find their way out of the building.

Commercial Electrical Service

If a business experiences an issue with the electrical system, it can put a halt to production. We know that repair in a timely manner is important for the overall betterment of a business.

Bucket Truck Service

A bucket truck is needed to install or repair signage on a commercial building. Leave the work to the professionals at Advanced Lighting Service to safely and efficiently hang or fix your sign.

Building Canopy

A canopy outside a business door or drive through window is a major convenience factor for customers. This can help make their experience pleasant by shielding them from the elements and welcoming them into your business. It is also a great way to help show the customer’s which door to enter if the business is located in a strip building.

Interior Building Lights

Lighting inside a business is just as important as the lighting on the exterior. Good lighting can help customers have a pleasant experience when they are inside your place of business; it has also been known to promote productivity in employees.

LED Lighting & Signs

When a business sign is illuminated, it can help attract customers. It may also catch the eye of people who are walking or driving by, who may not have known the location of the business before.

Lighting both inside and outside your building is important. The best commercial lighting company in Missouri can help with all of your business lighting repairs and installations. Dealing with electricity can be dangerous, so let the lighting professionals at Advanced Lighting Service help keep you, your employees, and your customers safe.

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