Friday, July 29, 2016

Our Night Watch Program

Lighting on the exterior of your commercial building helps to promote a safe environment around your business. Customers and employees will feel more at ease when entering and exiting your business, and when getting into their vehicles when there is proper lighting in the parking lot. Advanced Lighting Services wants to help make your business a safer place for all. The Night Watch program we offer helps ensure that your exterior lighting is properly functioning and adequately illuminating the parking area outside your business. Read more for a detailed description of all the benefits of our Night Watch program.

What is Night Watch?

This program that we are proud to offer adds added protection to your business’ parking lot. We come by once a month to ensure all aspects of your lighting system are functioning as it should. Our inspection will take place during the evening/night hours, so we can make sure your lights and signage are properly illuminated.

Monthly Inspection Report

After we perform your inspection each month, we will provide you a report so you know what is going on with your exterior lighting after dark. Our service helps keep you in the loop about when we checked out your property and if there are any repairs or suggestions to help improve your parking lot lighting situation.

Prompt Scheduled Maintenance

Since we are consistently checking your business’ exterior lighting, we can keep up with any routine maintenance that may arise. Checking your outdoor lamps frequently can help prevent a light burning out before it actually stops working, helping to keep your property safe.

Service and Emergency Repairs

With our Night Watch Program, businesses receive the added benefit of prompt service and emergency repairs. If you do have an issue with your exterior lighting, repairs are an urgent matter. We can help you continue to offer a safe parking space for all of your employees and customers with quick service and repairs.

Your commercial business lighting professionals in Missouri want to help you keep your business a safe place for visitors. Ensure your exterior parking lot lights are working properly with the Night Watch program we offer. Your customers and employees will appreciate a properly lit parking lot when they are coming to or leaving from your building during the dark times of the day. Our Night Watch program offers added security and peace of mind for the business owner that their outdoor lighting will be maintained properly.

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