Friday, August 5, 2016

Ameren Commercial Incentives

Do you want to save your business money? Advanced Lighting Service and Ameren Missouri have partnered to offer a great opportunity for your business to take advantage of, BizSavers. Your trusted commercial electrician in Mid-MO will provide further information on this program below, and how you can save your business money!

What Is The BizSavers Program?

The program offers cash or electric bill credit incentives to small and large businesses in Missouri for energy efficient projects. Improving lighting systems, building controls, ventilation systems, cooling systems, and many more are examples of upgrades your business can make to qualify for the BizSavers program. This wide range of incentive opportunities can help almost any business reduce their electric consumption and receive incentives for the upgrades made. Overall, this opportunity can help save your business money and energy!

How Advanced Lighting Service Can Help Save Your Business Money:

Lighting typically pulls about one-fourth of a commercial building’s energy usage. Upgrade your lighting system to energy efficient fluorescent, LED, induction lighting, or any type of lighting that saves energy can help you qualify for the BizSavers program. This program can help your business receive an incentive on top of the reduced energy cost.

Application Process:

Standard Incentive-

1. Purchase and install energy efficient equipment
2. Submit application
3. Application review and approval
4. Incentive paid either by check or electric bill credit

Custom Incentive-
1. Complete application before purchase of equipment
2. Submit application
3. Application processed and project reviewed
4. Incentive offer delivered to customer
5. Incentive offer received from customer
6. Completion of the paperwork received
7. Final project review and approval
8. Incentive paid via check or electric bill credit

New Construction Incentive-
1. Submit program application
2. Design team meeting
3. Apply for custom incentives
4. Construction in progress
5. Submit construction completion paperwork
6. Engineer review and inspection
7. Incentive paid by either check or electric bill credit

Industries Who Have Participated:

-Convenience Store
-Food Service
-IT/Data Center
-Non-profit organization
-Office building
-Retail store

Who does not want to save money for their business? Business owners and operators, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity offered by Advanced Lighting Service and Ameren Missouri to save. This is a bright way to save. You are not only cutting back on your electric expense through the BizSavers program, you are also saving on energy consumption. Call Advanced Lighting Service today at (573) 746-7997 for a free energy evaluation for your business to get started!

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