Friday, August 19, 2016

5 Benefits of Maintaining Your Commercial Lighting System

The lighting system in and around your commercial building is a staple when it comes to the productivity of your company. Properly maintaining a light system has a number of benefits for a business. The team of expert commercial lighting professionals in Missouri can help your business run efficiently, by regulating the lighting system at your commercial property.

Advanced Lighting Service provides a maintenance plan for our customers. We regularly come by to check out your commercial lighting system. Replacing bulbs before you experience a burn-out is a key part of our maintenance plan. We want to make sure your lighting provides proper illumination for your employees and customers as they frequent your building.

1) Safety Inside Building

Lighting on the interior of a building is just as important as any other location on the property. Your staff and customers use lights to navigate through your store or building. If the lighting system were to fail, it would be a dangerous situation for everyone involved. Proper lighting on the inside of your business can even help promote a positive workplace and increase employee productivity.

2) Cost Savings

The regular replacement of commercial bulbs can actually help save your business money. As a light uses the last bit of the bulb supply, it can pull more and more energy to stay illuminated. Removing the bulbs before a burn out occurs can save your company money on the electric bill.

3) Protect The Exterior

Proper lighting on the exterior of your building helps promote a safe environment for everyone around your property. From customers walking into the store, to employees taking the trash out in the evening, ensuring your parking lamps are illuminated can help increase the safety on your property.

4) Reduce Burn Out 

If a bulb is continually replaced before a burn out occurs, it can prevent any lack of lighting on your property. A burned out light creates a dim place, which can be dangerous for employees and customers alike. Frequent replacement of a light can help eliminate the risk of a burn out at your business.

5) Keep Employees On Task

In the event that a light does burn out, it can distract employees from their duty. If an employee has to replace a bulb themselves, it can take time away from the task at hand. A light burn out can also be distracting to customers. If an area in your commercial space is dark, customers tend to avoid the location.

A company that participates in a lighting maintenance plan with Advanced Lighting Service can reap many benefits. Properly maintained bulbs can impact a business in a positive way. Sign your business up today for our maintenance plan to start experiencing the benefits! Our team of highly trained commercial electricians can help improve your lighting environment for happier employees and customers. 

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