Friday, August 12, 2016

Importance of Parking Lot Lighting

A business owner or manager works very hard to create and maintain their business. The safety of your property should be high on the list of priorities. Advanced Lighting Service knows that you want to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers. The commercial lighting experts in Mid-MO suggest adding parking lot lighting to the safety plan for your business. We have provided a few reasons why additional lighting on the exterior of your property is important.


When customers and employees are making their way to and from their vehicles after dark, they may feel uneasy in a parking lot that is not illuminated. You never know who or what may be hiding in the shadows. Therefore, it is a good idea to offer pole lamps throughout your parking space to help light up these dark places. If a potential customer makes their way into your parking lot, and feel uneasy about the lighting situation, they may leave and not bring in their business. Help promote safety outside of your business by installing the proper parking lot lighting.

Reduce Crime

Many break-in type crimes take place after the business has closed, usually at night. If your parking lot is not properly illuminated, it may create the perfect camouflage for a criminal to damage your business. You can help reduce your chances of being targeted by people breaking-in by adding parking lot lighting to your property.

Accident Prevention

A number of accidents happen in parking lot areas outside of businesses. Whether it be customer vehicle or work equipment related, providing lights can help make navigating around the outside of your business easier. If the people traveling in and out of your parking lot can see better, it can add a safety element to your property. To help ensure both customers and employees have a good experience driving around your business, consider adding lamps to your parking lot.

Providing lights around your business’s parking lot for your employees and customers can help make your property a safer place for everyone around your business. Keeping the exterior of your property illuminated may provide an additional level of security. From new installation to lamp repairs, Advanced Lighting Service can handle all of your parking lot lighting needs. Our experienced technicians provide prompt and accurate service when dealing with parking lots. We know that safety is of high importance to you and your business. Give us a call at (573) 746-7997 for a quote to help light up your parking lot and promote a safe environment outside of your business.

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  1. I completely agree that having good lighting in a parking lot makes things feel safer. Many of my friends have a tendency to avoid parking anywhere where there is a lack of light. I'm assuming there's probably many people who are like that.