Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Top 5 Ways to Save Money this Winter

With winter quickly approaching, this can be a hard time of year for many business owners with raising electric costs along with other payments. Your trusted commercial electricians in mid-Missouri want to help you save a little money as the temperature continues to drop in the area. The cost to run a business can seem significant, therefore Advanced Lighting Service has provided a few helpful ways to save on your electric bill this winter.

1) Secure Windows & Doors

While it is important to keep doors closed when it is cold outside, ensure there are no drafts coming through the window or door surrounds. If you do discover your openings are not air tight, replace the sealant around these spaces. If your building has large shipping doors or garage doors, ensure these are only open when necessary.

2) Let Natural Light In

Reduce artificial light use when Mother Nature allows. Try to use as much natural light to brighten your commercial space. If your building has exterior windows, try to open blinds or curtains when the sun is shining in. The solar heat produced when the sun shines in can help make your space feel a bit warmer, allowing you to reduce your heating bill.

3) Use LED Lighting

LED bulbs can significantly reduce the energy consumption of your commercial building. The technicians at Advanced Lighting Service can help you transition all of your traditional bulbs to LED, for a more energy efficient business. LED light bulbs tend to last 50 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb. The initial cost of an LED is a little higher than traditional lighting methods, but the energy savings and longevity help make up for the pricing difference.

4) Purchase Energy Efficient Equipment

When it is time to upgrade or replace your business equipment, consider purchasing energy efficient machines. Not only will your company save money on the monthly electric bill, you can also receive a tax incentive for choosing energy star products.

5) Conduct an Energy Audit

Advanced Lighting Service offers an energy savings consultation for area businesses. Our technicians will come out and look over your commercial building electrical and equipment situation, and make any suggestions for improvements. Our energy evaluations are free of charge and Ameren Missouri offers commercial incentives on your electric bill, that can be claimed when upgrades are made. 

To run a successful business, you have to make all of your dollars count. The ability for your commercial space to be able to function as normal, while cutting back on electricity consumption, is a win! The best lighting company in mid-Missouri wants to help you save a little bit of money, as the winter weather nears our area. While we want to help you cut down on monthly electrical costs, we know it is important to keep your building running efficiently. An electrical issue can bring production to a halt, which can be devastating for any business in the area. For any of your commercial electrical needs, give Advanced Lighting Service a call at (573) 746-7997. 

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