Friday, February 3, 2017

Benefits of a Canopy for your Business

A canopy can seem like such a simple addition to your commercial location, but it actually offers a number of benefit for your business. From sprucing up your space to creating a more energy efficient building, a canopy or awning can impact your business in a number of ways! Your trusted electricians in mid-Missouri are here to help showcase some of the many benefits of adding a canopy to your business.

Aesthetic Appeal 

To add interest and depth to your business exterior, consider installing a canopy or awning. Available in a number of colors and styles, you can add a pop of color to help grab the attention of potential customers and draw them to your business entrance. You can help attract people to visit your commercial space, when you have a canopy or awning.

Branding Opportunity

A canopy is a great place to continue your business branding efforts! From your logo to your business theme colors, you can personalize your canopy to match your business. A branded canopy or awning can help show customers exactly where your business is and helps to lead them to your entrance.

Energy Savings

With shade cast below a canopy, your commercial space will experience an energy savings, when it comes to your electric bill. During the summer months, a shaded entrance can help reduce the heat that enters through your door or windows, allowing your air conditioner to not work as hard. This can also help reduce the amount of sun damage to your property. From blinds and curtains to furniture and flooring, sun fade can be reduced, if you use a canopy over your windows and entrance.

Weather Protection

For both employees and customers, an awning or canopy offers protection from the elements. Whether it is rain, snow, or sun, a canopy can help protect anyone near your entrance or windows from the weather. A canopy over a business drive thru is important for the convenience of your customers. To help keep them out of the sun and rain, a canopy protects your drive-thru patrons from the weather!

If you are interested in incorporating a canopy to the exterior of your business location, we would be pleased to help. Whether you want a canopy over your entry way or a drive thru canopy in Missouri, we can handle all of your needs! From installation to canopy lights, Advanced Lighting Service is here for you! To get a business canopy in Missouri, contact our team at (573) 746-7997 today! We look forward to helping you reap the rewards of a canopy outside your business location.

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