Friday, February 10, 2017

Light Up Your Business With Advanced Lighting Service!

Your business is an important investment and you always want to represent it in the best way possible. While your standard interior lighting system is important, you can also draw attention to certain dynamics of your space by highlighting features, in your commercial location. Your trusted commercial electricians in mid-Missouri are here for ALL of your lighting needs! Featured in this week's blog are some of the more unique lighting opportunities you can utilize to highlight features inside your business.

Decorative Neon Trim-

If you want to highlight a certain feature for your business, a decorative neon trim may be the right light option for you. A light trim around your counter can help draw attention and show guests where to go. A trim can be placed around the crown molding, for a colorful ambiance and festive feature for your commercial space.

Digital Displays-

A display area can be an important feature for your business. Whether it is a menu or an instructional resource for employees, a digital display is easy to monitor and change, as needed. To make your daily business tasks flow a little smoother, upgrade to a digital display. You can highlight your business, or sale messages for your customers on a digital display, as well.

Directional Signs-

To help show customers and/or employees where to go, a directional sign may be an asset for your business. Whether you have a large property with spread out buildings or need signs on the inside of your space to help show people where to be, a directional sign can help point others in the right direction.

Menu Boards-

An illuminated menu board is imperative for a restaurant, as well as other lines of business. It is important to showcase your options in a clear manner, for customers to easily see what you offer. A menu board is a great item to add to your business, to make it a more convenient place for customers and employees alike.

Monument Lights-

If you have a monument or sign display outside of your business location, it is important to keep it well lit. We offer monument lights to help illuminate the sign, for customers or those passing by, after dark.

Neon Lighting-

Neon lighting is a great way to draw attention to your space. Whether you want to have the light around an entire room or around an entrance, you can help showcase your space with neon lighting.

Specialty Lights-

We offer a number of specialty lights near Jefferson City, MO. No matter what your lighting goals are, contact Advanced Lighting Service and we can come check out your space and see if we can help complete your lighting vision!

Now that you have seen some of the unique lighting features we offer, you can start thinking of ways to improve your commercial space. Whether you want to add interest and draw attention to a feature or need a great display for your business, Advanced Lighting Service is here for you! We pride ourselves on the ability to address any issues and help you find the right solution, for your business venture. If you are interested in one of our specialty lights in mid-Missouri, contact us at (573) 746-7997!

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