Thursday, June 22, 2017

7 Tips To Reduce Energy Consumption This Summer

Now that summer is officially upon us, you may be thinking of ways to cut back on that dreaded electric bill, for your business. While it's important to keep your business space comfortable for employees and customers, we know that can have a heavy impact on your budget. The best commercial electricians in mid-MO are here to help! Below Advanced Lighting Service has provided some helpful ways to reduce the energy consumption at your business location.

Turn Off Unnecessary Lights

While it's important to keep your business illuminated for safety reasons, it may not be necessary to leave ALL the lights on, especially when your closed. Remind all employees to help reduce your energy consumption by turning off lights when leaving a room. When everyone leaves for the night, ensure only important lights are left on. These are typically exterior lights, lights by the entry way, and any emergency or flood lighting.

Fluctuate Temperature During Off Hours

Your business may consider adding a programmable thermostat. This can help the temperature inside your building fluctuate, when no one is there. During the evening hours when all employees and customers are away, you can set your thermostat to allow the temperature to rise and then cool back off in the morning when employees come back to work. This is a great way to keep the air from running all day and all night, especially when no one is inside your commercial space.

Transition to LED Lighting

LED lighting has a TON of benefits. The bulbs tend to stay much cooler than traditional light bulbs, helping to reduce the amount of radiant heat entering your space from the lights themselves. Aside from lasting much longer, they also pull a LOT less energy to illuminate the light. You can see a noticeable difference when you start lighting your space with LED bulbs. If you're wanting to save on energy consumption this summer, our team of electricians can help you make a seamless transition to LED from traditional light bulbs.

Consider Energy Efficient Devices

When it comes time to replace your business equipment, consider purchasing energy efficient machines. These type of devices are made to consume less energy, therefore saving you on your monthly electric bill. Many times businesses can receive a tax break for purchasing energy efficient devices, as well!

Ensure Exterior Seals are Good

A key to keeping the inside of your business cool is to ensure your building is properly sealed. Make sure all of your doors and windows shut tight and you cannot see a crack of daylight around the edge. If you do, it's time to seal them up! Also check the insulation of your commercial space. This can help to keep cool air from escaping in the summer months!

Have an Energy Audit Performed

Our commercial electrical company in Jefferson City, MO offers FREE energy audits. We've partnered with Ameren Missouri for this incentive program. Our technicians will come out to your business, give you tips and ways you can improve your energy consumption. After you have made such changes, you will receive a rebate or a reduction on your energy bill from Ameren. It's a win-win! You use less energy, which saves you money AND you get a reduced amount on your bill!

Reduce Solar Heat

The sun puts off a LOT of heat during the summer months. And while natural sunlight is great, it can turn your building into a sauna FAST. During hours of direct sunlight, try to keep blinds shut over windows that are affected. This can help keep the amount of heat that enters through the windows at bay - making it easier for your air conditioner to cool your space efficiently!

Are you ready to make some changes at your business location now? While most of these are small and easy changes to make, it can really make a huge impact on your electric consumption. We all know that it can be hard to budget business electrical expenses, especially in the hot summer months. Our team of professional electricians in Missouri are here to help you and your business make it though. By implementing these tips, your commercial space will be running more efficiently, therefore saving your business from wasting money on your electric bill.

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