Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to Clean Commercial Light Fixtures

The appearance of your commercial space is a direct reflection of your business to potential customers and employees. It's important to showcase your space in the best way possible. While lighting is a vital part of your business, it is often overlooked. Here at Advanced Lighting Service, we know your light fixtures should be regularly maintained and cleaned, to keep the inside of your business looking spic and span. Provided below, are some tips on how to clean your commercial lighting fixtures, by the best commercial electricians in mid-MO.


Before you start to clean your commercial light fixtures, ensure you are prepared. Get all of your supplies gathered, as well as a ladder to help you safely reach the light. For safety reasons, keep three contact points on the ladder at all times when cleaning. This can help you keep balanced and reduce the chance of falling. Also remember to turn off the light in which you intend to clean. This can help keep you from burning your hands and reduces the chance of an electric shock.

Step 1: Remove the Lens

Remove the light fixture lens and light bulb. This can help give you a close look at what needs to be cleaned. From debris that falls into the light lens to dusting inside the light fixture, it's important to remove any dirt or dust from your lights.

Step 2: Wipe Fixture Off

With a dry cloth, remove any dust or dirt that may gather on the light fixture. If something is stuck on your lighting unit, use a damp cloth to remove the grime. This can help ensure your light fixtures will shine, when they are polished up.

Step 3: Replace Bulbs

While you are up cleaning your light fixtures, it's a good time to replace the bulbs and lens (if needed). This can help prevent a burn out, after just cleaning the fixture, causing you to get your ladder set up and climb up to the fixture again.


If you're interested in skipping these steps, contact the team at Advanced Lighting Service! We can come into your place of business and get your lighting fixtures shining in a timely and professional manor, that way you don't have to get up and clean them yourself. Instead of taking your time or the time of one of your employees, give us a call to help clean your commercial lighting fixtures.

Let the professionals electricians near Jefferson City, MO help clean your light fixtures, while we replace any of your light bulbs. Our technicians come out to your place of business with fully-loaded vehicles, ready to service all of your electrical needs. We look forward to helping you get your commercial space ready to wow your customers with shiny and clean light fixtures!

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