Wednesday, July 19, 2017

All About The Services We Offer

Our comprehensive service and maintenance options can help with all of your lighting and electrical needs. From parking lot lights to clear emergency and exit signs, there are a number of ways we can help your business. Our commercial electricians in mid-MO are certified and eager to help you accomplish your electrical and lighting goals. No matter what kind of lighting work you need around your commercial property, our technicians can come out and help you complete the job in a timely and professional manner. Take a look at just a few of the services we specialize in below!

Fluorescent Signs

A sign is a great way to draw attention to your business and a fluorescent sign can have an even bigger impact! Catch the eye of potential customers as they drive or walk by your location with an attractive sign. We can help you install and hook up your commercial fluorescent sign!

Lamp & Ballast Sales 

It's important to have back up lamp and ballasts on hand, if your commercial space experiences a burnt out light. We can sell the right replacements for the lights you need around your building with FREE delivery. We don't just sell them, our technicians can save you time by replacing the bulbs too! We can also take your used lamps and ballasts and recycle them. It's as easy at that!

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is vital to the safety around your business. While many owners or managers don't plan on a lighting outage, it does happen from time to time. Whether it's weather or other uncontrollable factor, it's important to the safety of employees and customers alike. We can help install the right exit and emergency lighting units around your business AND make repairs should one stop working.

Bucket Truck / Lift Service

Whether you have parking lot lights or a sign up in the air, our bucket truck and lift service can help! To safely and easily reach these fixtures, our technicians can make a timely repair around your property. If you are looking for an easy way to clean your sign or light fixtures, we can also help with that. We know safety is important around your business and we want to ensure everyone uses caution. It's best to avoid using a tall ladder to reach these high up pieces... simply call Advanced Lighting Service for our lift service!

Energy Evaluations

We've partnered with Ameren Missouri to offer commercial incentives for area businesses. Call us today to receive a FREE energy evaluation. We can help evaluate your current situation and make suggestions for ways to improve your energy consumption. Once you've made these updates, Ameren will send a rebate in check or a reduction off your electric bill. It's a great way to cut back on unneeded energy consumption AND save your business money!

Now that you've learned about some of the services we offer, in addition to the traditional repairs, you can rest assured that we can help with any of your commercial electrical needs in mid-MO. Here at Advanced Lighting Service, we like a good challenge! Contact our professional electricians near Jefferson City, MO today to schedule your commercial maintenance, repair, or installation. We look forward to helping you get your business illuminated!

Jefferson City : 573-761-4776
Columbia : 573-777-4840
Lake of the Ozarks : 573-746-7997
Sedalia : 660-596-7007

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