Friday, July 7, 2017

Safety Tips For Handling Electricity

Your commercial electric system is vial to the success of your business. From illuminating your space to powering your production machinery, electricity is a must! If you seem to have an electrical issue or want to make an electrical repair in mid-MO, we can help you. Handing electricity is a dangerous job and should be left to professional commercial electricians near Jefferson City, MO. We've provided some helpful tips, if you do need to work with electricity around your commercial space.

Turn Off Power Supply

If you need to change a light bulb or make any other adjustments with electricity, it's important to turn off the power supply to that location. Flip the electrical breaker to the off position to help prevent an unexpected electric shock. Turning off the power supply completely makes it safer to work near the electrical outlet or light bulb.

Avoid Live Wires

If a major electrical issue ensues at your commercial building, it's important to keep employees and customers away from live wires. Keep everyone in your building safe by avoiding hot wires. Another idea is to turn off the power supply when you find an exposed live wire. This can help reduce the chance of injury.

Respect What Electricity Can Do

While electricity is a very important aspect of your business, it's also vital to have respect for electricity. Know the potential dangers that are present when electricity is being worked on, around your commercial space.

Always Use Caution

If any electric work is being done around your business, it's best to be overly cautious. Be sure to turn off power to any electrical areas that are faulty to prevent an injury on your property. Even if you aren't certain, it's best to take precautions when electricity is involved. You can also use an electric tester to show if the wires are hot or not.

Call Advanced Lighting Service!

If you are experiencing a commercial electrical issue in mid-MO, it's time to contact the professionals. Our team of experienced commercial electricians can come out to your location and make a timely repair. We know it's important for your business to up and running in a safe manner and we're here to help! Give Advanced Lighting Service a call today for all of your electric repair needs!

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