Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to LED Lighting

While there are a number of reasons to change out your old light bulbs for LED lights, saving money for your business tops the list. Your trusted lighting company in Mid-MO is here to help our customers save money on their electric bill. Replacing light bulbs with LED can impact your business in a number of positive ways. Provide below, by the best lighting company in Mid-Missouri, are reasons your business should switch to LED light bulbs.

1) Save Money

Converting your iridescent bulbs to LED can save from 50% to 70% in operating costs for your business. These bulbs pull less energy to illuminate, which can help decrease your electric bill each month. One of the most popular benefits for changing out your old bulbs for LED is the ability to save money and cut operation costs.

2) Longevity

Typically, LED bulbs last for up to 50,000 hours of illumination, versus the average of 2,000 hours for the regular light bulbs. Since these bulbs last longer, they do not need to be replaced nearly as often, which can help cut down on labor costs for your business as well.

3) Energy Efficient

An LED lighting system can save up to 70% of your company’s energy output, which can drastically improve your energy efficiency rating. Advanced Lighting Service offers an energy savings audit, where we come look at your lighting system and energy consumption, and make suggestions on how to be more energy efficient. LED light bulbs are usually an easy way to boost your business’ energy efficiency level.

4) Optional Rebates

Along with an energy audit, Advanced Lighting Service also partners with Ameren Missouri to offer commercial incentives to area businesses. For participating in the energy efficiency evaluation and making improvements, you can receive rebates to use on your next electric bill.

5) Brighter Environment

LED bulbs spread light wider than the fluorescent bulb option. This can help illuminate your commercial space, which can improve the work environment for your employees and provide a brighter shopping space for your customers. To help your building gain aesthetic light, consider transitioning your traditional lighting system to LED.

Lighting accounts for a large portion of your business’ monthly utility bill. Transitioning to LED lights can benefit your business in a number of ways. If you want help changing out your LED bulbs, Advanced Lighting Service is here for you! Our team of commercial electricians in Mid-MO can efficiently upgrade your bulbs to LED. Give us a call today at (573) 746-7997 for a free quote for an LED bulb upgrade for your business.

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