Thursday, November 3, 2016

Business Lighting Tips: The Exterior

A business owner is typically concerned with the safety and ease of navigation around his or her commercial location. You can achieve just that through our lighting tips for the exterior of your business. The best commercial electricians in Mid-MO are here to help make your business environment an employee and consumer friendly location. Advanced Lighting Service has provided some tips to up your exterior lighting system.

Make Sign Visible

Whether you have an illuminated or standard business sign, you want consumers to be able to locate your building easily. Having lights shining on a regular sign can help it catch the eye of passers-by, after dark. Even if your business is not open during the night hours, you can still help consumers find your location with a visible sign.

Lighted Entryway

For safety and ease of navigation, a commercial door should be well-lit. This helps those entering your building know exactly where to go, and adds an element of safety for customers and employees, especially during night-time hours. Adding lights to your entryway increases the safety factor for those around your business exterior.

Incorporate Quality Fixtures

While having lights is important, consider the message you are sending with the fixtures you choose. You will want to invest in astatically appealing fixtures outside your business. A commercial building owner or manager should install light fixtures that look nice and give off a professional look.

Well-Lit Parking Lot

A parking lot with plenty of lighting can help both customers and employees navigate the area, as well as increases safety of those around the building. A consumer will likely feel safer and be more apt to enter your building, if lighting is available in the parking lot area.

Add Ground Lights

Ground lighting is important to help illuminate a walkway up to your door or along the perimeter of the parking lot. Increasing visibility, especially at night can help reduce the risk of a guest falling or tripping on your property. A lit up walkway also helps customers navigate their way to the door.

Incorporate LED

To help save on your electric bill, incorporate LED bulbs into your exterior lighting system. Not only does this help save money for the business owner or manager, LED lights reduce the amount of energy consumed, which is better for the environment.

Maintain Lights

While having the right light fixtures and placement is important, ensuring the bulbs work is imperative to a safe and user friendly lighting system. Our service team offers maintenance checks of exterior lights, to make sure all bulbs are working properly and to replace or repair a faulty light.

Now that you know a few tips to increase the safety and ease of navigation around your business, you are ready to better prepare your commercial building. Our team of certified commercial electricians near Jefferson City, MO are available to help you improve the exterior lighting system around the outside of your business space. For all of your commercial lighting maintenance in Mid-MO, contact the professionals at Advanced Lighting Service.

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