Thursday, September 8, 2016

7 Ways To Save On Your Commercial Electric Bill

Electricity is a major expense for many business owners in the area. Owners and managers look for ways to reduce the amount of money spent on electricity each month. Advanced Lighting Service offers an energy efficiency program, to help you evaluate where upgrades can be made. Over time, this can save your business a dramatic amount of money. If you are on the search for ways to cut back on your electric bill as a company, the best commercial electricians in Mid-MO are here to help with some energy efficiency tips.

1. Turn Off Lights

Many people remember to turn off lights in an unused room at home, but once at work, this habit can slip his or her mind. Remind all employees to turn off the light as they exit a vacant room.  When leaving your business for the night, ensure all lights that need to be, are shut off.

2. Utilize Hibernate Features on Equipment

Many computers, printers, and fax machines have a hibernate feature. This will help to prevent an used machine from pulling additional electricity when it is not in use. Especially in the evenings, all unused equipment and electronics should be put into hibernate mode, or turned off.

3. Adjust Lighting During Day

If you have natural light available, your interior lighting does not need to be as bright. You can turn down the level of illumination inside your building, if you have a window that will allow sunlight to enter the building.

4. Put Lights on a Timer

If you have lights that are not needed after hours, consider investing in a light timer to ensure they are turned off at a certain time each day. This can help reduce unneeded lights pulling electricity, if someone forgets to turn them off as they exit the building.

5. Convert to LED

On average, a business saves 50% to 70% on their electric bill by switching to LED light bulbs. This is an easy way to save money, without losing any of the illuminated area you are used to.

6. Upgrade Outdated Equipment

Outdated machines and building systems can utilize a large amount of energy, if they are working hard to keep up. Consider adding energy efficient equipment when it is time to upgrade. Tax breaks are also available if a business purchases energy efficient machines or appliances.

7. Have an Energy Audit Performed

Advanced Lighting Service has partnered with Ameren Missouri to offer a commercial incentive for energy efficient upgrades. You can receive a rebate or a discount on your electric bill from Ameren for participating in the program.

If you own or manage a business, finding ways to cut cost is of high importance to your business. The commercial electricians in Mid-MO can help you save money on your monthly electric bill. We can come out to perform an energy audit for ways to optimize your savings. For all of your commercial lighting needs, contact Advanced Lighting Service. To schedule your energy efficiency audit, call us at (573) 746-7997. 

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