Friday, September 23, 2016

Benefits and Uses of Our Bucket Truck Service

Throughout the state of Missouri, there are a number of businesses that could benefit from the use of a bucket truck, at one point or another. Whether your business is installing exterior signage on your commercial building, or replacing a faulty parking lot light bulb, the ability to safely reach high up in the air is helpful. The professional team of commercial electricians in Mid-MO can help you and your business check a number of tasks off of your to do list. Our team is equipped with six bucket and man lift trucks for a number of services that Advanced Lighting Service offers our customers. 


Cost Savings- Many times utilizing our bucket truck service is cheaper than renting a lift or similar vehicle for a business owner or manager. When renting from a company for your own use, you have to rent for multiple hours, or even an entire day at a time, which can add to the rental price. 

Time Efficient- It usually saves quite a bit of time for a company to hire us for their bucket truck needs. You will not have to take the time to go rent a lift truck. If you utilize a professional for your hard to reach projects, it can help keep your employees on task, therefore saving them time. 

Added Safety- The use of a bucket or lift truck is much safer than having yourself or an employee climb a ladder up in the air. Help keep your workplace a safe environment by hiring Advanced Lighting Service for your hard to safely reach tasks. 


Exterior Lighting Installation- If your business is in need of exterior lighting, we can safely wire and install them with our bucket or lift trucks. A professional should always help with your wiring and lighting services, to ensure your commercial building is up to code. 

Signs- An exterior business sign can help draw potential customers to your location, and bring awareness to your business or brand. We offer sign installation and repair services. Whether the sign is on your building or on a pole in the parking lot, a bucket truck makes it much easier and safer to work on installing and repairing a sign up in the air. 

Lighting Repair- If your exterior lights have a malfunction, a bucket truck is often needed to easily repair the light. A lift can help safely bring our technicians up to light level to investigate the issue and fix the light that is not working at your business location. 


A number of contractors use Advanced Lighting Service’s bucket trucks and man lifts to perform tasks they are contracted to do. We have provided a few examples of other services that can be performed with our lift vehicles.

Paint Building- It can be dangerous to climb a ladder to paint the exterior of a building. A solid platform can help make the job go quicker, and much safer. A painter can perform a better quality job if their feet are stabilized. 

Clean Window- Windows, like painting, can present a dangerous situation up in the air. Keep your feet on a stable surface through the use of one of our bucket trucks or man lifts. 

High Installation- A number of installations take place high up in the air in homes or businesses. Contractors are often hired to hang Christmas lights on a high peak or work on the exterior of a building up high. Complete these tasks that need to be performed up in the air safely with the use of our lift services. 

There are a number of tasks that should be performed from the safety of a bucket truck, versus a tall ladder. Help to keep your employees and yourself safe by utilizing the services offered by the best commercial lighting company in Mid-MO. We know that you are busy with the everyday tasks that your business must accomplish, let Advanced Lighting Service help out with any of your hard to reach exterior projects. Our bucket trucks are stocked with a wide variety of bulb and ballasts, ready to help take on your next lighting install or repair. If you are in need of an exterior sign repair, window cleaning, or a number of other services, contact us at (573) 746-7997.

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