Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What is Group Relamping?

The illumination of a commercial building is imperative to keep production rolling and to promote a safe environment for both employees and customers. A light bulb burning out can cause a number of distractions, and even a dangerous space inside or outside of your business. Group relamping can help to prevent an untimely burn out of a light bulb. Your trusted commercial electricians in Mid-MO are here to help clarify about group relamping, and the benefits of such maintenance. The professionals at Advanced Lighting Service have provided further information below about group relamping.

Group Relamping:

A regular maintenance check and bulb replacement schedule, known as group relamping, offers a number of benefits to your business. An experienced lighting company in Missouri can come into your commercial space and quickly change out your lights. Let an experienced professional replace your lights on a regular schedule to maximize efficiency and save money for your business.

The Benefits:

A major benefit of group relamping is the fact that it saves money over time. Not only does replacing lamps before they burn out maximize energy efficiency, it can also save from slowed or halted production if a lamp is no longer illuminated. A professional with the proper equipment and knowledge of lighting systems can quickly relamp your entire facility, which would take you or your employees much longer to accomplish. When a business invests in the maintenance of their lighting system, less distractions are presented for employees. Keep your workers on tasks instead of worrying about a burnt out light, or taking time away to replace a bulb during work hours. A lamp that is no longer illuminated creates a distracting environment for both employees and customers. Many times an employee cannot see accurately if a burn out does occur, causing production to slow or even come to a stop. A customer can be deterred from spending time or shopping in a certain area of your business, if a light is burnt out. A safer environment is created when all lights in your system are functioning properly. Help your business remain safe by investing in a group relamping schedule for your employees and customers.

Contact Advanced Lighting Service to Schedule Your Group Relamping Session:

To help ensure your business does not experience a lamp burn out situation, schedule regular maintenance checks and replacement sessions throughout the year. Advanced Lighting Service offers a regular group relamping service in which we check your bulbs and replace them before a burn out occurs. Your professional electrical team in Mid-MO would be pleased to assist in making your commercial space better for all that enter. To help promote a safe environment, and save money over time, schedule a relamping session today! Give us a call at (573) 746-7997 for a quote to get your business signed up for our group relamping service.

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